Who is Ana K?

Ana is the founder of our company with a passion to build and leave a legacy for her children and to help others look and feel amazing along the way.       

‍Her Passion for learning, transforming and teaching others is awe inspiring. She single handedly raises her beautiful tribe! Yes no typo Super mum and Super Busy Business woman.

She hopes to teach her children and pass down her knowledge and experience to keep the family business going with a solid foundation that she has worked extremely hard for.

She lives by her father’s wise words of “You can do and be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it and work hard”. Her Charlie’s Angel reward points is dedicated to & in memory of her late Father Charlie who continues to give through her business. Qualified in every service we offer.

Ana has dedicated & sacrificed a lot over the years to become the well Known and Respected Lash, Brow & Cosmetic tattoo artist she is. With her passion for teaching and sharing her skills to attention to detail in her work with every client. As her moto goes “When you work doing something you love, You feel like you haven’t worked a day in your life”.



Meet our Receptionist 

Meet Georgia. Georgia is such an asset to Our Salon her knowledge and friendly Bubbly attitude radiates to those around her. She’s happy to assist with any Questions or Bookings you may have and is always there to welcome you with a smile.

Our vision

To Empower those around us with Confidence.

You ARE Amazing

You ARE Beautiful

You ARE Incredible